Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crochet Baby's Jacket & Hat

Crochet Baby's Jacket & Hat
crocheted in one piece

There is something special about crocheting or knitting up baby clothes.  They are so quick to make up and look so cute!  I came across this free pattern by Cathy Wood. It is described as a one piece wonder because it is crocheted in one piece. From front to sleeve to back to sleeve to front.

Then I came across an excellent video on YouTube by Bob Wilson 123: 
Cat's One-Piece-Wonder crochet baby jacket
who goes through the pattern slowly, step by step.  This makes the pattern more user friendly once you have seen it demonstrated. 

The stitches used are chain st, sc, hdc & dc which are all worked into the back loop of each st giving a rib effect and some stretch-ability to the finished garment.

The sizing suggests 0-3 months.  Of course this depends on the size of a new-born.  I used approx 125 grams of yarn.

Link to free pattern:    

There wasn't a hat pattern to go with this design, so I designed one to go with the jacket.  It does have a Half Shell edging to it, but it could be left off if for a boy.

Link to free hat pattern:
Crochet DC Rib Baby Hat

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