Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crochet Baby's Jacket & Hat

Crochet Baby's Jacket & Hat
crocheted in one piece

There is something special about crocheting or knitting up baby clothes.  They are so quick to make up and look so cute!  I came across this free pattern by Cathy Wood. It is described as a one piece wonder because it is crocheted in one piece. From front to sleeve to back to sleeve to front.

Then I came across an excellent video on YouTube by Bob Wilson 123: 
Cat's One-Piece-Wonder crochet baby jacket
who goes through the pattern slowly, step by step.  This makes the pattern more user friendly once you have seen it demonstrated. 

The stitches used are chain st, sc, hdc & dc which are all worked into the back loop of each st giving a rib effect and some stretch-ability to the finished garment.

The sizing suggests 0-3 months.  Of course this depends on the size of a new-born.  I used approx 125 grams of yarn.

Link to free pattern:    

There wasn't a hat pattern to go with this design, so I designed one to go with the jacket.  It does have a Half Shell edging to it, but it could be left off if for a boy.

Link to free hat pattern:
Crochet DC Rib Baby Hat

Friday, 17 October 2014


Today I have a beautiful crochet pattern for a baby cocoon with a hat to match.  I have been dying to make one for ages.  I have hunted around for a pattern that I could follow.  But I find some patterns just don't work out for me as written, and I get very frustrated.  But when I go through the pattern word for word I realise certain bits have been missed out or written incorrectly and I end up re-writing it in a manner that I can understand. 

So my hat goes up to those who do write these as I have found it isn't as easy as one thinks.  I love the chevron crochet pattern and wanted to have it in my project.  I love colour and wanted a bold coloured pattern.  I like to see babies in colour instead of pale pinks and blues.  We are sold bright coloured toys to stimulate babies, along with bedroom accessories, prams, pushchairs etc, so why not garments? 

This pattern I have written I hope is fool-proof.  I keep going over it to make sure it is user friendly and correct.  But, I welcome any feedback on it.  It is my first and certainly won't be my last.  I have created this cocoon and hat in a DK yarn of three different colour choices.  I have to point out that the darker the yarn the thicker it felt.  The white felt considerably thinner, though it was of the same brand. So you may find your finished project different in size.  So be aware of that. 

Measurements given are only a guideline to follow.  And the sizing is for a newborn, but as you know newborns come in different sizes too.  So take this into consideration. The baby doll I used for the photos is of a preemie sized baby, and the cocoon and hat are a little large for it.  So make some allowances for the size you want to make.  To make it larger use a larger hook, or increase your stitches making sure the repeat pattern is accounted for; and increase your final amount of rows. I hope you have fun creating this pattern.

Download Link:  Baby Cocoon and Hat

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

So Swirly Birthday Card

This is one of my favourite card designs that I use over and over again.  As always I like the simple designs that are quick to assemble.  Out of an A4 piece of card stock you can get two base cards to work with.  With addition of some contrasting card stock, some stamps and ink pads you have a winner. 

I have found this basic design very user friendly.  Good to use for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank You, Sympathy, Christmas etc.  I have used mainly StampinUp products for this video, but you use whatever you have at hand.  Don't be limited.

Have any of you crafters used the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool?  I now have one and think it is wonderful!  Super easy to use.  And I just love having both the score board and the envelope maker in one.  Wished I had bought it ages ago.  I find often with card-making that if I have used embellishments on the card, I don't have a standard envelope to fit it.  But with the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool, I simply make up an envelope to fit.  So many variants to use. Super!  Love it!

So Swirl Cardy Birthday

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Disappearing Nine Patch Block

This has to be one of my all-time favourite quilting blocks.  It is super easy to put together, but looks like you have done so much work!  If you haven’t tried it yet here is a short written pattern to follow.

The size of each square is up to you and the outcome of each block.  If you have some charm squares lying around, this is perfect for using them up.  They are usually 5”x 5” and if using them your finished block will turn out 14”x 14”.  When you have sewn your blocks together another 1/2” will come off.  I do suggest that the center square be a dominant colour/pattern, as this is divided into fours and shows up repeatedly throughout the quilt.

Here I have put together a sample graphic of how your block could look.  There are many combinations but you will have to try arranging them as you feel fit for your desired outcome.

Firstly sew together nine squares to form a nine patch block in the traditional method.  Use 1/4” seam allowance.  Your block will look like the first image on the right.  Press your block.  Lay the block out on your cutting board aligning the lines and edges equally.  Taking your ruler and rotary cutter cut directly down the middle vertically and horizontally.  Your block is now in four pieces. 

Now it is up to you to sew all your blocks together in the arrangement you have decided on.  See, I told you it was easy.

Here is a graphic image of how your Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt could look.  Great for baby quilts, memory quilts, teenage quilts, lap quilts.  Have fun creating your own......

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