Wednesday, 15 July 2015

NECK WARMER in crochet


DK/8 ply
Hook size: 4.00mm

Sc sts are worked into the back loops only thus producing a stretch rib effect.  This creates air pockets to hold in the warmth.  Use a yarn suitable to be worn close to the skin.  Soft and cosy.

1.  Ch 2, 3 sc into the 2nd ch.  Ch 1, turn work.

Increase Row:
2.  1 sc into the 1st st, sc to the end.  Ch 1., turn work.  In this manner keep increasing 1 st at the beginning of each row until 20 sc.  1 ch, turn work.

3.  Work 1 row sc (no increase).

Decrease Row:
4.  Sc into 2nd sc and until the end of the row (decreasing 1 st).  Continue decreasing in this manner until 10 sts remain.

5.  Work straight for 8 rows.

6.  Follow the increase row until 20 sts are reached.

7.  Work straight for a further 70 rows (or to length req)

8.  Follow the decrease row until 10 sts remain.

9.  Work straight for 8 rows.

10.  Follow the increase row until there are 20 sts.

11.  Follow the decrease row until there are 2 sts left.  Cast off.

Loop Band:
1.  Attach your yarn to one  back ridge side of the 10 sc sts.  Pick up and sc along 10 back ridges.

2.  Sc a further 10 rows.

3.  Slip st into the other end of the 10 rows you attached to, thus creating a loop for passing the other end of your neck warmer through.  Sew in the end of yarn.

Your neck warmer is complete.  
Pass one end through the loop and Voila!