Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Crochet Brain Waves Beanie

Brain Waves Beanie:

At the moment I am into crocheting beanie patterns to try out different stitches.  They are a good size to complete within an afternoon.  I came across this pattern that I just had to try.  I thought it would be a challenge; and it was to begin with.
My grand-daughter in Australia had asked me to crochet a beanie for her.  Being nine years old and right into Monster High dolls and their colours I had to find some appropriate yarn, and I think I have.  Now to look for some scull buttons to put somewhere on it?  Need to think about that one.
I had to follow the pattern carefully instead of going off on my own tangent.  Anyone else do that too?  But I  feel have mastered it now.  Best make her sister one too.

This is not my pattern! This is a free pattern written by:
Liz McQueen from Playin' Hooky Designs

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