Saturday, 7 March 2015

Christmas Mini Boxed Photo Album

Over the past two weeks I have been constructing a Christmas themed Mini Boxed Photo Album.  

I have seen a few online and thought I would love to make one.  I did not have a pattern/template.  I thought I could work it out myself.  Well I did and love the end result.  I just need to fill it with Christmas photos of 2014.

During this process I made three video recordings of the steps and instructions I took to share with you.  

So if you would like to follow these videos these are the links to them.  Please like/share and subscribe to my channel.  Thank you......

Video one: Mini Boxed Photo Album
Video two: Mini Boxed Photo Album
Video three: Mini Boxed Photo Album

There is a fourth video to come in the making of the final pages and album. 

Watch this space!

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