Friday, 5 September 2014

Small Purse/Wallet

Today I am adding my Small Purse/Wallet pattern that I wrote several years ago.  There are many ideas out there on the internet, but I have adapted this one to the size that I like to carry around.  I am not into large purses or hand-bags so this one has been perfect for me. 
I rarely carry cash on me so the need of a purse is questionable.  Of course it could be made bigger by cutting out a larger pattern to begin with.  Not difficult.  The project uses up very little fabric and could be made from scrap material.  I often use a cast-off blouse/skirt and recycle them into something else.
If you would like the PDF pattern I will put a link into the picture.  I am sure you will make more than one once you get going.  Enjoy!                             

                                             Small Purse/Wallet
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